Council Retreat Notes September 2019


10 AM – 12 PM at Meridian Center for Health, Seattle

Notetaker: Kathleen Braden, Secretary

All Board members present: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Liz Kearns, Thomas Stachiw, Ellen Beck, Melanie Davies, Liz Kearns, Amanda Culp-Crosley, Timothy Crosley, Jan Brucker, and Kathleen Braden

Members thanked Janice for her organization and the room decorations to get us in a productive mood! Various members brought in food and beverages.

Janice distributed documents including an agenda and time allocation for each item to keep us on track. She welcomed everyone and explained the plan for the retreat. Board members reviewed accomplishments for 2018-19.

Members were then invited to state what they felt priorities should be for 2019-20 and Melanie Davies noted items on the whiteboard.

The group then reviewed some operational guidelines for how the discussion would proceed. Janice created a “Parking Lot” space for the whiteboard for items that occur to members but that we would park for subsequent discussion.

The group reviewed data on LSCC activities and some population profile data based on 1990 and 2010 Censuses to get an idea of distinctives of Licton Springs neighborhood.

Ellen Beck gave a Treasurer’s report and the group discussed ideas on financial side (more fundraising, more equipment, more events, paying for a newsletter editor and distribution, grants to reflect our diverse community, Arts in the Park, visit-consult with Mark mendez of Lake City.

Janice brought up the manner in which we take donations and payment of dues. Amanda noted Amazon Smile and Janice and Ellen are going to verify that we are set for that Kathleen will check on access to Paypal account.

Janice noted her hope that we will create both a fundraising committee and a marketing-outreach committee and that we not miss the chance for some items we might sell such as tee shirts or bumper stickers. She noted such committees do not need to be just Board members but we could recruit members of the community who might be willing to serve.

Amanda discussed how we might use existing funds we have in our account. Melanie noted the City’s fundraising workshops for community activists.

Other issues that were brought up included relations with schools in area, including North Seattle College, parking issue sin neighborhood, historic status of Licton Springs park and surrounding neighborhood, more on fundraising, and business relations, particularly with advent of NORA (North Aurora Business, a brainchild of Epic Life Church). Jan noted the passing of Faye Garneau and she will be sending a message of condolence on behalf of the council, pointing out Faye’s contribution to citizen activism as a business owner in the area. Jan also underscored her interest that the Council start a system to have recognition of people/organizations who have made a positive impact on Licton Springs.

Board members then engaged in a prioritization process and various people agreed to be point people on the priorities as follows:

Janice—School relations

Liz- Licton Springs historic status (park, neighborhood)

Melanie- representing LSCC to other meetings and organizations

Kathleen & Thomas- Recruiting more Board members

Amanda- Events

Tim- engagement & efficiency for monthly meetings

Finally, the Board voted to allocate $400 to Melanie to support the upcoming Halloween event.

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