Council Meeting Minutes October 2019



Unapproved Minutes October 16, 2019 6:30-8:30 P.M.

Cascadia School Library

Directors present Melanie Davies, Thomas Stachiw, Amanda Crosley, Tim Crosley, Janice Lichtenwaldt, Ellen Beck, Liz Kearns, and Kathleen Braden

Janice started the meeting at 6:30 and all are happy to be able to hold meetings inside the Cascadia School. She asked people present to introduce themselves.

Treasurer’s Report of Sept 19-Oct 16 2019 and minutes from June 19 2019 were approved.

Melanie reported on upcoming Halloween event for Licton Springs Park and noted we could use one more volunteer for the Friends of the Forest positions. She thanked Ellen for taking on the cider table. We appreciate how long Liz handled this function for us!

Robin Amadon and Aisaya Corbray from Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) made a presentation on plans for a mixed income structure on Aurora Avenue at the Nesbit site where the tiny house village was located until this year. LIHI envisions a seven-story structure and 118 units (see attachment). If all goes well, LIHI is hoping to have it opened by spring 2022. Robin discussed funding sources, design, and plan for mixed types. Parking will not be provided but LIHI hopes to attract people who use non-automobile forms of traffic. She also discussed ways to secure the walls until construction can start to discourage tagging. LIHI would like future help from LSCC in announcing public meetings as the project proceeds. Kathleen will email Robin and Aisaya the email addresses for the LSCC directors.

Eric Blumhagen, who is a candidate for the Seattle School Board, visited and discussed some of the issues he feels are most important and asked for input.

Thomas Whittemore of the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods discussed the City’s efforts to ensure a good rate of participation for the upcoming 2020 census.

Leah Andersen from ALUV vii\sited and discussed the meeting held recently with Debora Juarez and efforts to find funding for a feasibility study for an Aurora-Licton Springs Community Center. She noted possible availability of a parcel where Quiring Monuments are currently located on Aurora. There will be an upcoming budget discussion and D. Juarez has proposed funding for the study and Leah would like to see support from the area.

M/S/A he Licton Springs Community Council supports the efforts of Debora Juarez to secure funding for a feasibility study to create a community center for the Aurora-Licton Springs area. The LSCC will continue to monitor this issue and communicate progress to our neighborhood email list of residents and via other social media platforms. Kathleen will send to the City Council and to Deputy Mayor Moseley and post to the Licton Springs Facebook page, send to email list.

The group discussed various assignments for Board members that came out of the Sept Board retreat. Amanda, Janice, and Kathleen will follow up re a survey of residents and also Kathleen will post notes from the retreat unless she hears any objections by email before Oct 23.

Janice reported on communications with schools and North Seattle College. The group discussed plans for a residential facility at the college (which may be delayed) and the one year extension of the P-Patch on the college grounds.

Megan Hazen gave us addresses for parent groups from Cascadia and Eagle Staff schools and said that development of regular communication would be good between the PTAs and the LSCC: [email protected] and [email protected].

Liz noted that Epic Life Church will be doing holiday lights in the Licton Springs park again. She and Janice attended the Landmarks Preservation Board meeting Oct. 16 and the request for Licton Springs park to have historic status was approved. It will make the park the only Native American site in the City so designated. Janice will send a congratulations message to Urban Native Education Alliance people.

Thomas presented ideas on signage to solicit people who might be interested in joining the Board and Kathleen discussed the possibility of having an Advisory Board for the Community Council. The group also agreed to set up a “who we are” part of our website to identify Board members.

Thomas will be leaving the Board after December and Lindsey Webb was unanimously approved to be appointed to fill in Thomas’s term per Article VII-4 of by-laws. [^1]

Janice closed the meeting at 8:30 PM.

Notes submitted by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

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