Council Meeting Minutes May 2021


Meeting Date/Time: May 19 2021 6:30-8:00 P.M.

These meeting minutes were approved at the June 2021 meeting.

Attendance Notes

  • Online meeting by Zoom due to Coronavirus restrictions
  • Directors present: Melanie Davies, Mike Cuadra, Kathleen Braden, Liz Kearns, Bekah Gautrowski, Bob Blade, Lindsey Webb
  • Attendees: Dianne Trani, Janice Holkup, Ellen Beck, Danielle Rosenow

Introductions, House-Keeping, and Reports from Visitors

  • Melanie started the meeting and welcomed everyone at 6:35.
  • The minutes were approved.
  • Melanie asked for topics of discussion from attendees.
  • Janice Holkup shared information from Rep. Javier Valdez’ email newsletter outlining funding for the 46th district in the final state budget. This included $500,000 for the Aurora Commons acquisition, $150,000 to fund art by BIPOC artists at the Kraken training center, $30,519,000 for the North Seattle College library building renovation, $1,880,000 for library improvement grants, and $2,000,000 for the UW Medical Center NW behavioral health renovation.
  • Bob Blade talked about Aurora Reimagined, a new coalition that seeks to provide input in the city’s planning efforts around Highway 99. Melanie added that the city is at the conceptual level in planning right now and that it’s time to throw out broad, big ideas.
  • The treasurer’s report was approved.

Updates to ongoing committee and council work

  • LSCC BANK ISSUE: Liz talked about the issue of removing Jan Brucker as a signer for LSCC’s bank account at Verity since she is no longer part of the council. As treasurer, Liz said her priority is to have new signers who are easy to get in touch with. She noted the bank would need a copy of the minutes indicating who LSCC directors voted in as new signers, and then she could help initiate paperwork. The directors voted unanimously to approve a motion to remove Jan Brucker as a signer on the LSCC Verity checking account. There was some discussion about the appropriate number of new signers. The directors voted to approve a motion to allow four signers, the voted to add Lindsey Webb and Melanie Davies as signers on LSCC’s Verity checking account.
  • AURORA REIMAGINED COALITION: Melanie talked further about the Aurora Reimagined Coalition (website: A large part of the city’s work on Aurora will be design guidelines related to pedestrian access, turn lanes, crossings, etc. The group meets once per month and will be holding revisioning workshops in July and August. Neighborhood residents can sign up on the website for updates. ALUV will likely be involved.
  • NORTHGATE LIGHT RAIL UPDATE: Melanie told the group that the pedestrian bridge between North Seattle College and the Northgate Link Light Rail station will be in place by the end of June. (Project link:
  • NORTH POLICE PRECINCT UPDATE: Melanie talked about a series of dialogues the Seattle Police Department North Precinct will be hosting. These will be an opportunity to talk more deeply about the police department and the community. Three dialogues will take place in each of the five precincts, including some in Licton Springs. Interested residents can sign up here:
  • PRECINCT REPORT: Mike gave a precinct report. At the last meeting, hosts went over each new state law related to policing. Governor Inslee has signed all but two. One new law establishes a duty for officers to intervene and report. The hosts of the meeting talked about the encampment at the part being cleaned up. On the first Wednesday of the month, social workers went to the site to let people know they would need to leave. There had been some incidents that led to the decision to clear the park. Car theft and homicides are up recently in general, but crime is down locally.
  • BELLWEATHER HOUSING: Lindsey will be sending out a link to a survey Bellwether housing is conducting related to their future housing project and long house at North Seattle College. They are looking for community input on the project.
  • LISTSERV DISCUSSION: There was a discussion about outreach and information sharing via the listserv on the Licton Springs hotmail account. Attendees agreed that less is more when it comes to using the hotmail account for sharing information. However, there was some discussion about increasing outreach via social media like Facebook and Instagram. The directors voted to create a Licton Springs Instagram account. Lindsey volunteered to manage the account. She will also add Bekah as an admin on the Licton Springs Neighborhood account and remove Janice Lichtenwaldt.

Event Planning - MUSIC IN THE PARK: There was a discussion about a music in the park event. Lindsey has been in email conversation with Boundless NW about an event over the summer. Dianne Trani asked about the cost of such an event. Lindsey said the council paid musicians ~$150 each for last year’s event. - HALLOWEEN EVENTS: There was a discussion about a potential Halloween event but the topic was informally tabled as it’s several months away and the COVID-19 situation could be different then. Bob will get in touch with Casey at Epic Life Church for an update on what they’re doing.

Minutes by Lindsey Webb, Secretary

Next meeting: June 16

Licton Springs Community Council Monthly Treasurer Report

4/21/2021 through 5/19/2021

Date Line Item Transaction Amount Bank Balance
04/21/2021 Beginning Bank Balance $0.00 $7,576.20
04/24/2021 Donation from Kevin Sheets $10.00 $7,586.20
05/15/2021 Check 1371 to Liberty Mutual Insurance -$250.00 $7,336.20
Fund Type Fund Amount
Funds for Licton Springs Community Council 4,229.05
Dedicated Funds for Licton Springs Park $3,107.15
TOTAL Combined Funds $7,336.20

I completed our annual Certification with Benevity on 04/20/2021.

We received an email from Fred Meyer on 4/28/2020 of .44 donation, but this has not reached our Verity account and will not until it reaches $25.00.

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