Council Meeting Minutes May 2020


Meeting Date/Time: May 20, 2020 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These Meeting minutes were approved at the June 2020 Meeting.

Online meeting by Zoom due to Corona virus restrictions

Directors present: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Liz Kearns, Lindsey Webb, Melanie Davies, and Kathleen Braden

Attendees: Janice Holkup, Mike Cuadra, Lindsey’s cats

Janice started the meeting at 6:35. She welcomed everyone. Mike Cuadra introduced himself as a former Board member. There was a discussion of zoning and urban village boundaries. Melanie will reach out to ALUV to see if there is any news on zoning.

There was a discussion of progress at Northgate and the Board decided to invite Susan Ward to participate in our next meeting, June 17, by zoom, if she is available to update us.

Minutes of April 15, 2020 were approved as distributed. The treasurer’s report through May 20, 2020 was approved.

Stay Healthy Street Program- many signs are up to close streets off in our neighborhood for vehicle traffic, as is being done throughout the city, due to the pandemic and need to maintain social distancing while people are out exercising. Janice attempted to reach Debra Juarez about the question of neighborhood input if the closures re made permanent, but she did not hear back despite also copying in her staff. Liz talked about meeting a parking enforcement officer while she and Ellen were walking but that the officer had no information about the program. Melanie suggested talking to ALUV and Greenlake CC. We looked at the West Seattle blog website and noted that Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board and Greenways have been instrumental in the effort. The first public discussion did not occur until four weeks after the first closures were announced. Melanie and Janice will follow up. Lindsey suggested reaching out to Dan Strauss. Kathleen can contact Lee Bruch. Melanie will forward notes from Licton-Haller Greenways meeting (attached).

May 7 Durkan virtual town hall- Janice and Melanie attended. Janice presented our question about budget implications for Licton Springs neighborhood. The bottom line is that funds will be scarce to non-existent for projects due to huge decrease in sales tax revenue during the pandemic and business closures. Melanie provided the links sent out from the town hall and they are attached.

Liz asked what sort of services we could offer to the community and noted she received a nice thank you letter from Washington Food Fund for our contribution.

North Seattle College- Janice is our rep. and she noted that Chemane Crawford is the new interim president. We discussed the location of future residence halls on their campus but noted that due to the pandemic, it was less likely the halls would be constructed in the near future.

Arts-in-the-Park- although we received a greenlight for next phase of our project recognizing Licton Springs park as sacred space to Native Americans, the funding is cancelled for now from the City.

Kathleen noted that the recruitment of people to an Advisory Board for the LSCC is put on hold until the fall due to the slowdown of activities with the pandemic.

Melanie reported on Seattle Arts Commission decision on temporary placements of art pieces that will be at either 92nd or 100th streets.

Kathleen noted that Mary Amberg was leaving the police dept to take a job in the private sector and she had sent an email thanking Mary for her service to our neighborhood.

The Board agreed that the June and July meetings should be held via Zoom.

Notes by Kathleen Braden, secretary.

Next meeting June 17 by Zoom


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