Council Meeting Minutes June 2018



Minutes of June 20 2018

Meridian Center for Health, 10521 Meridian Ave. N., Seattle 98133

Directors Present: Melanie Davies, Thomas Stachiw, Tim Crosley, Jan Brucker, and Kathleen Braden.

Thomas convened the meeting at 6:40 PM.

Treasurer's Report and minutes of May 16, 2018 were approved.

Amanda Culp presented an initial proposal to establish a dog off-leash area in Mineral Springs Park, following the City of Seattle guidelines for making a proposal (which Amanda and Tim Crosley distributed, along with a map of the park and location of other areas). Melanie suggested giving the Park Meridian residents a heads up. M/S/A that Licton Springs Community Council be a sponsoring organization to move ahead with the proposal to create an off-leash area in Mineral Springs Park per application process with Seattle Dept. of Parks & Recreation and include public outreach.

Mary Amberg, Seattle Police Department Crime Prevention Coordinator made a presentation on neighborhood safety. Mary explained her role, the role of David Gordon, community police team coordinator for our area, and the services they can provide. She showed a map explaining the boundaries and outlined the various issues David deals with in the neighborhood. Visitors from the community asked questions with concerns about safety and police response when 911 Is called. Mary explained the 911 prioritization system and noted that the police always respond but they might not come in person other than a drive-by survey unless a "request contact" phrase is used by caller to actually have an officer come to the door. Mary discussed the Navigation Tea, and outreach, cleanup of homeless camps, the use of the Find It-Fix It application, and the best way to report campers. She reviewed the statistics for the N3 beat within the North Precinct where Licton Springs is located. She urged people not to leave anything in cars because of car prowls. The current plan for the North Precinct building was discussed. She noted the LEAD program (Law Enforcement Aided Diversion) is coming to the precinct and officers are in training now. More officer shave been budgeted for patrols around the Aurora Encampment. She provided "Smart 911" cards from King County for people who might want their information to be recorded since there is currently not a way for an exact location to be tracked just from a cell phone.

Mary noted that one can call the North Precinct and put in a "request to watch" for neighborhood or house and, provided the officer has time, it will be done on a regular basis. She noted that King County keeps the sex registry and a map for the Licton Springs neighborhood can be seen online []

Licton Springs Web Page- Timothy showed us the proposed new web page for the Licton Springs Community Council which includes archived existing page. He and Amanda had also scanned in old copies of Currents and added a link, as well as a link to the North Precinct, things to do in the neighborhood, green space, discussion page, community calendar, and many other features. The Licton Springs Community Council members complimented Tim & Amanda on it. M/S/A to commission Tim to go ahead with it and Kathleen will put him in contact with Lisa Henry to get codes.

Lee Bruch on Aurora Coalition, D5 plans- The May 31 forum sponsored by D5 with at-large City Council representatives went well, with about 150 people attending. In July, there will be vehicle-tours of District Five neighborhoods with Mosqueda and González over a two day period, July 27 (Northgate and Lake City) and July 31 (Licton Springs, Haller Lake, Bitter Lake). Lee called for docents to help with the tour and make presentations at various stops, as well as assistance with handouts. Both ALUV and Licton Springs should participate. Jan suggested Liz for the park and discussed issues related to City Light land.

The group then discussed concerns about plans for the North Precinct police station (portables, new parking area).

The meeting was adjourned at 8:40 PM. Notes submitted by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

Next meeting July 18, 2018

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