Council Meeting Minutes July 2020


Meeting Date/Time: July 15, 2020 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These meeting minutes were approved at the September 2020 meeting.

Online meeting by Zoom due to Corona virus restrictions

Directors present: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Lindsey Webb, Melanie Davies, Ellen Beck, and Kathleen Braden

Attendees: Janice Holkup

Janice started the meeting at 6:35 and welcomed everyone.

M/S/A to have Kathleen draft a letter to Councilwoman Juarez expressing our concern about unavailability of public restrooms at Licton Springs Park due to campers’ items and presence blocking access. Kathleen will send a draft to LSCC members.

M/S/A June 19, 2020 minutes as circulated. There is no Treasurer’s Report for this period although Ellen did note a donation received. She will update us later.

The group discussed producing tee-shirts via a print-on-demand company, Zazzle, recommended by Janice ( The group discussed design ideas and M/S/A to allocate funds to pay a designer recommended by Melanie. Janice okayed the idea with Tom Speer of UNEA in conversation.

The group continued planning on August 19 event to make use of City’s invitation to use some of Arts in the Park event money since the full event could not occur due to the current virus. Thank you to Janice and Lindsey for doing much of the planning re outreach to secure musicians and indigenous artists. John at the UPS Store at Oak Tree offered to give us a good rate on yard signs and flyers to publicize the event.

LSCC received a request from John Lombard of D5 for support for a letter re zoning of the Halcyon Mobile Home Park to keep it available as a mobile home property. The letter is still being constructed and M/S/A to authorize Janice and melanie to decide if LSCC can lend support for the letter once it is completed, since we do not meet in August. Melanie in particular would like to get more information from John and some of the model actions, such as Bothell’s, he referred to in portions of it drafted so far.

Next meeting is in September. (16th) but it was decided to delay further Board member selection processes until 2021 because of anticipated ongoing restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Minutes submitted by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

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