Council Meeting Minutes January 2021


Meeting Date/Time: Jan. 27, 2021 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These meeting minutes were approved at the February 2021 meeting.

Online meeting by Zoom due to Corona virus restrictions

Directors present: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Lindsey Webb, Ellen Beck, Melanie Davies, and Kathleen Braden

Attendees: Dianne Trani, Mike Cuadra, Bekah and Matt Gautrowski, Osboldo Hernandez, Janice Holkup

Janice started the meeting at 6:35 and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of Nov. 18, 2020 were approved as circulated. Treasurer’s Report was approved and Ellen reported she filed our 990 form this month.

  1. Board members: M/S/A to elect Bekah Gautrowski to fill the vacancy of Jan Brucker’s seat and Mike Cuadra to fill the vacancy of Tim Crosley’s seat. According to the by-laws, this action places them on the Board immediately and then they agreed to be nominated for two-year seats with the March, 2021 meeting.

    Kathleen updated regarding Board members and elections. The usual schedule has been interrupted due to the vagaries of the current COVID pandemic. Here is the situation:

    Terms up in April: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Kathleen Braden, Ellen Beck, Lindsey Webb. All have agreed to stay on the Board and be nominated at the March meeting for a two-year term. Liz Kearns and Melanie Davies have been continuing even though their terms were up earlier and will be also nominated for a new term at the March meeting but their terms should go until 2022, not 2023, because we are late in confirming them and it is better not to have the whole Board’s terms end simultaneously.

    Ellen agreed to be nominated to continue as Treasurer; Kathleen is stepping down as Secretary and Lindsey agreed to be nominated for that position. Janice is completing her time as President (and everyone agreed she has done a wonderful job for us) and Melanie is interested in the nomination for that spot. We will need a nomination for Vice-President and Mike Cuadra might be willing to serve.

  2. Other Duties: Kathleen has stepped down as administrator for the Licton Springs Facebook Page. Janice is still an administrator and will add Lindsey as one. Janice will also look into management of our website where minutes are posted and coordinate with Bekah & Matt who may be willing to help.

  3. Ad-hoc committee on by-laws revision: M/S/A to create an ad-hoc committee that Bekah will head up to consider revision to our by-laws and Lindsey will also help spearhead. She plans to start with input from the Council and then invite participation by people in the Licton Springs Community.

  4. Homelessness: Melanie led a discussion to update on issues of unhoused populations in the neighborhood. The group discussed City policy, presence of campers in the park and at Green Lake.

  5. Parks: Liz Kearns sent in a note that work groups are being held in Mineral Springs and Licton Springs Parks, following proper protocols for pandemic safety.

  6. Business members: The Board agreed to ask Liz to congratulate Pilgrim Coffee which has moved into the Starbucks space at Oak Tree and invite as a business member of LSCC and to have Kathleen due likewise with Salt Blade Meats

Minutes by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

Next meeting Feb 17 (Melanie will chair)

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