Council Meeting Minutes February 2021


Meeting Date/Time: Feb. 17 2021 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These minutes were approved at the March 2021 meeting.

Online meeting by Zoom due to Corona virus restrictions

Directors present: Lindsey Webb, Melanie Davies, Liz Kearns, Bekah Gautrowski, Michael Cuadra, and Kathleen Braden

Attendees: Dianne Trani, Matt Gautrowski, Janice Holkup, Noah An (from Dan Strauss office)

Melanie started the meeting at 6:35 and welcomed everyone.

Minutes of Jan 27 2021were approved as circulated.

Noah An discussed fossil fuels policy decisions for new construction, Hope Team startup, COVID relief funding.

Bekah reported on her establishment of an ad-hoc committee for by-law revisions.

Kathleen reported that Bob Blade of Blade Meats was happy to be invited as a business member and agreed. She contacted Osbaldo Hernandez of DON but he has not responded. She met with John Lombard of D5 group and will be meeting Feb 19 with him and others to look at pedestrian bridge construction progress. She also reported on email from Lee Bruch on group “Fix Aurora” email attached and the Council agreed to indicate our support for this effort. Their next meeting is Feb 26 at 7 PM.

Melanie noted email from Jenny Frankl (attached) re cleanup.

Mike reported on NPAC meeting where homelessness and trash cleanup was discussed and they heard from Kevin Mundt of Hope Team.

Lindsey raised possibility of another music event in the neighborhood, perhaps over the summer and the idea was favorably received.

Minutes by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

Next meeting March 17

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