Council Meeting Minutes February 2019



Feb 20, 2019 6:30-8:30 P.M.

Room 110 Meridian Center for Health 10521 Meridian Ave N, Seattle, WA 98133

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Directors present: Thomas Stachiw, Ellen Beck, Melanie Davies, Liz Kearns, Amanda Crosley, Tim Crosley, Jan Brucker, and Kathleen Braden

  1. Introductions

  2. Minutes Jan. 16 , 2019 were approved as distributed.

  3. Letter from Tim Motzer to Debora Juarez from Lake City Neighborhood Alliance (attached) asking for the Council's endorsement. Directors discussed it and had questions about the fee structure and asked Kathleen to send note to Tim declining but that we hope in the future to have a discussion on MHA and fees with other community groups such as LCNA.

  4. As FYI, Kathleen provided map of MHA zooning proposals and list of amendments that are up for vote in March by City Council.

  5. Discussion of Handy Andy business on Aurora.

  6. Amanda brought up Your Voice Your Choice request for proposals deadline approaching Feb 22 and the Neighborhood Street Fund program with votes due soon on proposals for Licton Springs and adjacent areas Kathleen will send out to listserv remainder for people to go online and vote.

  7. Group discussed various techniques used by SDOT and DON that creates competition and even "popularity contests" among competing projects proposed by citizens. Melanie suggested a letter about District Five being poorer than other districts in terms of sidewalks. Kathleen updated the group on proposal to improve signage in Licton Springs Park and her frustration with DON processes when this should merely be part of regular Parks maintenance schedule. She noted her intention to cease efforts to make a DON large grants proposal and will inform the d-hoc committee brought together in the fall, as well as PNA who had agreed to serve as sponsor.

Amanda noted we did not get picked for the Arts in the Park projects and will explore other possibilities. She will be looking into various grant options like Small Sparks and Neighborhood Matching Funds. Kathleen suggested that any money LSCC had agreed to set aside from our parks fund for signage in Licton Springs Park might be redirected as matching seed money for the Arts or event projects Amanda is thinking of.

Melanie noted that Epic Life Church might do another Celebrate North Seattle event. It might be good to invite someone from the church to our next meeting. She also discussed ALUV efforts to do a zoning change from commercial to neighborhood-commercial.

We discussed the Home Zone project, SDOT, data on traffic measurement and Ed Irwin applying for speed bumps for traffic calming.

Melanie noted the Aurora pedestrian bridge artwork is now up and the daffodils planted there will soon be blooming.

Kathleen noted that City Council District Five candidate John Lombard had indicated a desire to be at one of our meetings and the group noted he is welcome to come and listen but we have not had a tradition of inviting candidates in for their campaign promotions. Kathleen will email him.

Notes by Kathleen Braden, secretary

Next meeting is our general membership meeting March 20.

Lake City Letter

Next meeting March 20, 2019 6:30 PM This is our annual General Membership Meeting according to Article VI of our by-laws. Kathleen needs to post the notice to our email list no later than March 10 of the meeting. There are annual President's and Treasurer's Reports given at this meeting VI-2) and it is at this meeting when we nominate people for positions. Terms are up in March for: Thomas Stachiw, Kathleen Braden, and Amanda Culp-Crosley (who replaced Rose Whitson)

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