Council Meeting Minutes April 2021


Meeting Date/Time: April 21 2021 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These meeting minutes were approved at the May 2021 meeting.

Attendance Notes

  • Online meeting by Zoom due to Coronavirus restrictions
  • Directors present: Janice Lichtenwaldt, Ellen Beck, Lindsey Webb, Melanie Davies, Liz Kearns, Bekah Gautrowski, Michael Cuadra, and Kathleen Braden
  • Business Representatives present: Bob Blade (Salt Blade)
  • Attendees: Dianne Trani, Matt Gautrowski, Janice Holkup, Kevin Sheets, Kevin Bergsrud, Sam Williamson, Robin Amadon (LIHI) and Jenny Frankl (Clean Streets)

Introductions, House-Keeping, and Reports from Visitors

  • Janice started the meeting at 6:35 and welcomed everyone. She announced that she will be stepping down from the Board and M/S/A to commend Janice Lichtenwaldt for her service to Licton Springs Community Council, including her leadership as President.
  • Minutes of March 17, 2021 were approved as distributed Treasurer’s Report sent by Ellen (attached below) was approved.
  • Robin of Low Income Housing Institute updated group on plans for 104 unit, 7 story building to open 2023 on Aurora/Nesbit 8700 with studios and up to 3 bedrooms. Final portion of funding still pending. DESC will have project nearby and Robin will provide information about any potential transportation disruption during construction. The building will have space for community gatherings.
  • Kevin Bergsrud of Parks Dept updated re: Licton Springs Park new interpretive sign to be placed on boulder 4 X 6ft. with engraving near north spring next to path that starts at 97th St. Design was undertaken under supervision of Salish people involved in historic status of park (Matt Remly) and a ceremony will take place in May or June.
  • Jenny Frankl updated group on Adopt-A-Street program for litter pickup. She followed up with details.

Vote on Nominations for the Board of Directors

  • Elected through voice vote (As voted allowable at the March 2021 meeting, due to the virtual setting):
  • For two year terms to 2023: Kathleen Braden, Mike Cuadra, Bekah Gautrowski, Lindsey Webb.
  • For one year term to 2022: Liz Kearns, Melanie Davies.
  • The Board has three vacancies and, per by-laws, voted Bob Blade for seat on the Board through 2023 (in addition to his representation as business in community).
  • Election of officers:
  • Melanie Davies, President
  • Mike Cuadra, Vice-President
  • Lindsey Webb, Secretary
  • Liz Kearns, Treasurer
  • Ellen Beck will be moving to another neighborhood and will be leaving Board but LSCC is appreciative of her service as secretary and treasurer and her long affiliation with the LSCC.

Updates to ongoing committee and council work

  • Led by Lindsey Webb, group discussed possibilities for musical event in Licton Springs neighborhood or park summer 2021. Several Board members offered to help and asked Bob Blade to contact Boundless Collective people. Lindsey will spearhead planning.
  • Melanie updated on AARP grant for Meridian (resolution passed April 14, 2021 with five yes, three abstain). Liz asked to see completed grant proposal. See attachment.
  • Bekah updated on by-laws ad hoc committee, which had its first meeting and noted the goals are cleaning up and putting order to by-laws, making them more inclusive, and incorporating concerns of community members.
  • Matt noted he now has control of LSCC website and is posting minutes.

Minutes by Kathleen Braden, Secretary

Next meeting: May 19

Licton Springs Community Council Monthly Treasurer Report

3/15/2021 through 4/20/2021

Date Line Item Transaction Amount Bank Balance
03/15/2021 Beginning Bank Balance $0.00 $8,147.13
03/19/2021 Check 1370 t0 David Gehman reimb. for LSCC tools -$570.93 $7,576.20
Fund Type Fund Amount
Funds for Licton Springs Community Council 4,469.05
Dedicated Funds for Licton Springs Park $3,107.15
TOTAL Combined Funds $7,576.20

I completed our annual Certification with Benevity on 04/20/2021.

We received an email from Fred Meyer on 4/28/2020 of .44 donation, but this has not reached our Verity account and will not until it reaches $25.00.

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