Council Meeting Minutes April 2020


Meeting Date/Time: April 15, 2020 6:30-8:30 P.M.

These minutes were approved at the May 2020 Meeting

Online meeting by Zoom due to Corona virus restrictions

Directors present: Amanda Crosley, Janice Lichtenwaldt, Liz Kearns, Lindsey Webb, Ellen Beck, Melanie Davies, and Kathleen Braden

Attendees: Janice Holkup, Tracy Cramer, Thomas Whittemore, Noah An, Dan Strauss, Mehul Shah

Janice started the meeting at 6:30.

Minutes of March 25, 2020 were approved as distributed. The treasurer’s report 3/26 through 4/14/2020 was approved. Ellen said the next report would reflect full amount received re brevity donations.

City Council Representative from District 6, Dan Strauss, and his staff person, Noah An, attended. The Council members thanked them for their time. Dan gave an overview of activities at his office during this time of COVID-19 contraction. He is holding meetings with constituents over the phone and continuing work on housing and transit issues. He noted that Licton Springs borders both Districts 5 and 6 so he is available for inquiries from Licton Springs residents. Amanda asked him about the City Council work during the COVID-19 period and Dan explained that work continues, though at a low level and there are lots of suggestions coming from the state government. He noted the constraints on rents now and the strain on small businesses. Melanie asked about his perspective on the community center plans for Licton Springs-Aurora and he noted he and Juarez are working cooperatively and he is following her lead on the issue. He noted that childcare is one of his priorities. Kathleen asked about cooperative work among Strauss, Juarez, and Pedersen for North Seattle. Strauss reminded us that as a City Council rep. he is called upon to work on behalf of the whole city, not just District 6. He believes work on a new police station for the North Precinct should be coordinated- he recently did a “ride along” with North precinct staff. He concluded his visit by thanking Thomas Whittemore for delaying his retirement due to the current crisis.

Jordan Haselnus of Seattle Neighborhood Group was not able to attend but sent in a proposal for a cooperative effort to do a street cleanup in the Licton Springs- Aurora area or at Mineral Springs park. Tracy Cramer noted that last year, the group did an amazing job. She will contact Jordan about her idea. The group agreed that litter cleanup is important, but prefer to wait until the governor’s stay at home order is lifted in May so as not to send the wrong signal, especially since the City has suspended its own clean up campaigns.

Janice and Tracy will write up a short piece about litter cleanup work for the Love Licton blog.

Janice and Kathleen noted that the Bloodmobile has been suspended for now and Bloodworks is booked into May for individual appointments. Kathleen sent out a plea for support of local foodbanks to our listserv, but has not yet gotten any responses. Lindsey noted the Washington Food Fund under the governor’s council and Philanthropy Northwest ( M/S/A for LSCC to donate $200 each to the Washington Food Fund and to Epic Life Church for their neighborhood food bank. Kathleen will send Ellen the addresses so she can send paper checks to each.

Kathleen reported on an effort to get North Precinct Block Watch captains organized for neighborhood self-help. Thomas Whittemore reported on the Seattle Together program by the City- it is a work in progress and will need guidance and approval.

The group discussed the ReVisioning Northgate email from Susan Ward on the rerouting of bus routes around the Northgate area. Kathleen will forward her email to the Council.

The Council agreed to discuss in the future the prospect of having a credit card or a debit card for the Council’s bank account. Ellen will report at the May meeting on the rider for Public Schools on our insurance coverage, due to be renewed in June.

Janice provided images of some tee-shirts and other swag souvenirs with the Licton Springs cattail logo that could be manufactured and sold on demand both to raise money and create neighborhood solidarity. The Council will proceed with this although it was noted we need to take care of the tax and potentially, business license, implications. Melanie is going to check with a friend who does design about the logo. Janice, melanie, and Lindsey will form a team to see if it is possible to launch this effort by May 2, which is Neighbor Day

Notes by Kathleen Braden, secretary.

Next meeting May 20 either by Zoom or in Licton Springs Park.

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