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Seattle-Everett Interurban Line

The interurban line was a major force attracting newcomers to live north of the city limits at 85th Street. People could move away from the city, yet get downtown easily for work or shopping. Running on a narrow right-of-way through backyards, the line reached Licton Springs in 1906, serving downtown Seattle via a transfer in Ballard. Through service from Everett to down-

Looking north at N.103rd and Evanston Ave. N. (North Park), 1939
town began in 1910. Two stops along Evanston Avenue served Licton Springs: North Park at North 103rd and North 94th. But by the 1920s, cars and buses increasingly competed with the train, and on February 21, 1939, the last car ran on the Seattle-Everett line. In 1951, Seattle City Light acquired the right-of-way, now used primarily as a power transmission corridor. Plans are underway to make it a walking and bicycling trail.

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